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Washington Apple Shots


Jolly Rancher Shot

As they say, “Whatever life throws at you, keep on sucking.” So suck on these everclear, blue curacao, and watermelon pucker shots.


Kamikaze Shot

The Kamikaze is one of the most popular shots there is, so you can order it anywhere on the fly (see what we did there?).


Screaming Orgasm Shot


Melon Ball Shot

The Melon Ball Shot is a sweet, fruity shot that perfectly blends vodka and melon flavors.


Buttery Nipple Pudding Shots

These Buttery Nipple Pudding Shots are some of the tastiest alcoholic dessert shooters out there, we promise.


Nutty Irishman Shot

Ladies and gentlemen, it's the Nutty Irishman Shot, and it is, without a doubt, one of the best Frangelico shooter recipes out there.


Lemon Drop Shot

Drop a couple of these lemon drop shots at your next party. Vodka, lemon juice, and a splash of simple syrup make for a simply delicious vodka shot recipe.


Woo Woo Shot

Shout “woo woo!” with this fruity 3 ingredient vodka shot recipe. With vodka, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice, you can shoot these tasty guys back or sip on some cocktail fun.


3 Hooker Shot

The $3 Hooker Shot may have a moniker that raises some eyebrows, but trust us when we say this little booze-filled glass has nothing but class.


Choc Cherry Blowjob Shots

If you want some delicious dessert shots that you can do with your hands behind your back, then you need to try these Choc Cherry Blowjob Shots.

4th July Diversity Bomb Shot

This 4th of July Diversity Bomb Shot is one of the most wild reverse bomb shots out there.