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All Champagne Recipes & Drinks
All Champagne Recipes & Drinks

Champagne is everyone’s go-to celebration drink because of its delightful bubbles and luxurious appearance. It gives us that feeling of a special occasion in a glass. Fortunately for you, every day is a celebration with our champagne cocktail recipes. Our bubbly bff is versatile and can dress up or down for any occasion. Get ready to raise your glass!

Brunch is one of the greatest inventions man has blessed society with, and you know it’s not complete without a few champagne drinks on the table. We have your recipes covered from bellinis to mimosas, but we couldn’t stop there. Try out some of our new spins on old classics like our Mermaid Mimosa and Strawberry Lemonade Bellini. Our Mermaid Mimosa isn’t just a pretty green face. This champagne cocktail’s sweet and tropical flavor comes from melon liqueur, blue curacao, and pineapple juice instead of the usual orange. Our Strawberry Lemonade Bellini offers a spin on the sweet bellini by adding a little taste of tart to wake you up.

If you wanna get a little fancier for your New Year’s Eve party, check out our French 75, a delicious drink dressed up in gin, syrup, and lemon juice. You can also live out your fantasies with its variations, the French 76 and French 77. These classy sisters make for a coy champagne cocktail no one can resist.


Don’t you mean sparkling wine?

Yeah sure, it’s technically not real champagne unless it’s from the Champagne wine region of France. All other champagnes are considered “sparkling wines” but we’re an entity for the common man, people! You can use the fancy stuff for your champagne cocktails if you want, Moneybags. That’s your business, and we’ll stick to ours.

Why is champagne so synonymous with fancy occasions?

Well, well, well, mon petite baguette. The answer to that is quite simple: marketing! During the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, champagne manufacturers started noticing a new opportunity. The emergence of the middle class presented a new audience, and who doesn’t like feeling like royalty? Manufacturers started using packaging and advertisements to create the fancy feel of champagne and bubbly cocktails.



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Champagne Sunset

Break out with this Champagne Sunset cocktail if you're looking for a gorgeous red and orange mixed drink.


Mermaid Mimosa


Classic Mimosa


Frozen Mimosa

Combine champagne, orange juice ice cubes, and orange vodka, and you get the Frozen Mimosa — one of the tastiest classic mimosa variations out there.


Champagne Dreams Cocktail

Make your wildest booze fantasies come true with this Champagne Dreams Cocktail.


Champagne Margarita

The Champagne Margarita is a twist on the classic margarita cocktail that you need to try ASAP.


Champagne Mojito

This Champagne Mojito combo is another classic cocktail mashup you need to try if you haven't yet.


Brumate Raspberry Rum Sorbet Champagne Float


Beautiful Disaster

Sometimes you look in the mirror and feel like a beautiful disaster right?


A Goodnight Kiss

If you haven't had a proper ending to a romantic date in a while, trying pressing your lips to this Goodnight Kiss cocktail for some relief.


A Tale of Two Cities

This Tale of Two Cities cocktail is the best of drinks for the best of times.


Blackberry Mimosa

Boast a toast with this Blackberry Mimosa at your next brunch and you're basically guaranteed to have a good time.